v1.1 update (8-13-2020)

Gameplay Changes:
-The player character runs slightly faster now.
-Press "Next Weapon" on the 3rd (or 2nd slot, if the 3rd slot is empty.) warps back to the 1st slot as oppose to doing nothing. Same for the reverse with the "Previous Weapon" button.
-Adjusted level design.
-Very slight adjustments on Camera.
-Slightly strengthened the Orange springboards, making the player waste noticably less time reaching the max height.
-Slide: You can now slide by also holding down and pressing the jump button while on the ground.
-Slide: You can now cancel your slide by pressing Down after innitiating it.
-Remote Missile: You can shoot 2 at a time now (with a delay of 30 frames in between).
-Remote Missile: Movement lag after shooting greatly reduced from 20 -> 12 frames. This also reduces air recoil time as well.
-Cluster Bomb: Can now pierce through enemy's shielding (such as Tortoisebots).
-Options can now be saved.

Aesthetic Changes:
-Red Springboards now makes a sound.
-GamePad Button Icons updated to the correct colors.
-XInput buttons are now added.
-There's now Button Prompts when you're at a door or weapon card.
-Turtlebot sprite slightly updated.
-Control Settings menu got slight visual improvements.
-Create debris sprite updated.
-Additionally, debris now have proper physics, aiming to create a more satisfying feedback.
-Turtle/Tortoisebots display turning sprites now.
-Level tiles such as trees got revamped a bit, along with a bug fix where every tree's gem now animates throughout the stage.
-Unused Weapon slots will now dim, making the currently in-use slot stand out more.

Bug Fixes:
-Removed the oversight where you could jump while sliding in narrow passages.
-Fixed bug where bouncing on springs gets interrupted immediately.
-Fixed Slide into wall issue
-Fixed bug where picking up your third weapon replaces the second weapon instead of filling the third slot because you're currently using the Plasma weapon.
-Remote Missile and Cluster Bombs no longer go through Fake Gem bombs.
-Results Screen Timer's Millisecond/Second double digit bug is fixed.
-Turtlebot and Tortoisebot only starts moving when they first appear on screen as oppose to start movement 256 pixels away from camera.
-Fixed rare bug where you can lock yourself into the sliding animation after jumping and sliding at the same time.


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